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Thursday, November 6
12:30 Registration and Lunch
14:00 Welcome
Session I. Chairman | Jose M. Baldasano
14:10 Improving the windblown dust modelling in LOTOS-EUROS
S. Janson, M. Schaap, A. Manders, A. Segers, R. Kranenburg, R. Timmermans
14:30 Direct radiative effect of atmospheric aerosols over Europe: an on-line modelling approach
L. Palacios, R. Baró, P. Jiménez-Guerrero
14:50 Investigating aerosol - radiation - cloud feedbacks under emission control strategies
A. Balzarini, G. Pirovano, G. Maurizio Riva, A. Toppetti
15:10 Modelling of aerosols during current and future climate, using the CHIMERE coupled to ALARO NWP model
A. Delcloo, R. Hamdi
15:30 Coffee-break
Session II. Chairman | Jorgen Brandt
15:50 Comparisons of AOD provided by SEVIRI satellite observations and CAMx air quality modelling
A. P. Fernandes, M. Riffler, J. Ferreira, S. Wunderle, C. Borrego, O. Tchepel
16:10 Climatic synoptic classification over the Iberian Peninsula
J. M. Baldasano, V. Valverde, M. T. Pay
16:30 Horizon 2020: climate action and environment
C. Borrego
16:50 Round Table on Research Challenges and Opportunities
20:00  GLOREAM Dinner 
Friday, November 7
Session III. Chairman | Renske Timmermans
09:00 Spatial representativeness of air quality monitoring stations using a 1-km resolution modelling system: application to Andalusia
M. T. Pay, M. Guevara, A. Lozano-García, J. M. Baldasano
09:20 Methodology to estimate emission factors of particles from dusty materials handling in Portuguese harbour
A. V. Silva, F. Martin, A. I. Miranda, S. M. Almeida
09:40 Measurement and modelling of PM2.5 from wood combustion in Estonia
M. Maasikmets, E. Teinemaa, V. Kimmel
10:00 LEO: combining a plume and grid model for the Netherlands
E. van der Swaluw, F. Sauter, J. Aben, W. de Vries, G. Velders, A. van Pul, R. Wichink, Kruit, A. Manders, R. Kranenburg
10:20 Coffee-break
Session IV. Chairman | Ana Isabel Miranda
10:40 Source apportionment study on the role of NH3 on PM pollution over Portugal
H. Martins, A. Monteiro, J. Ferreira, C. Gama, I. Ribeiro, C. Borrego, A.I. Miranda
11:00 High-resolution modelling of health impacts and related external cost from air pollution using the integrated model system EVA
J. Brandt, M. S. Andersen, J. Bønløkke, J. H. Christensen, C. Geels, K. M. Hansen, O. Hertel, et al.
11:20 Health-related climatic impacts on increased carcinogenic potential related to BaP atmospheric levels
N. Ratola, P. Jiménez-Guerrero
11:40 Open Discussion
12:30 Concluding Remarks



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